Thursday, August 23, 2007

Religious Rights on Trial?

Just a quick post, there's a recent news story here about a case moving up the Oregon court system where a custodial father wants to circumcise his 12 year old because he (the father) has converted to Judaism. The ex-wife/mother is suing to stop it.

What I find stupefying is the title of the news "Religious Rights on Trial as Circumcision Case Reaches Oregon’s High Court"

You couldn't find a better spin doctor. Let's step back out of the box and put it in plain terms: the dad is whining his religious rights are impeded by people wanting to stop him from getting his son's penis cut. People like the boy's mother.

I just hope the case either drags on till the boy is 18, or the judge finds, like a similar recent case in Chicago, that the boy will choose for himself at 18.


Psychotic Cow said...

Thanks for your comment on my page! I didn't expect to find a page filled with writings about the evils of circumcision...with a calmer hand than mine! Very nice :)

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